Art | 18 May 2017

Henrik Vibskov | Solo Exhibition @ House of Denmark |Paris

Henrik Vibskov, a Danish fashion designer known for his eclectic, rich and daring fashion label, fashioned by avant-garde fashionistas in Copenhagen, Tokyo, Paris and New York. The House of Denmark hosts his solo exhibition where he transformed the exhibition space of the Champs-Elysées into a universe that resembles him, where he merges fashion and playful artistic installations. His solo exhibition at the House of Denmark is a mosaic of new projects and works, it will take you into the vivid imagination of Vibskov. The organic sculptures, video installations, are examples of the staging of fashion shows that are always extravagant and offbeat. The House of Denmark shows the vast extent of the creativity of Viboskov the multidisciplinary artist.

Author: vicenage
Photos: Julien Mouffron-Gardne

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