Sleep | June 28, 2016

Hotel De Lille – Paris

The boutique hotel is situated in the artistic pulse of Faubourg Saint-Germain on a tranquil road on the Rive Gauche….

Hotel Grand Amour

Sleep | December 7, 2015

Hotel Grand Amour, a big(ger) Parisian love affair

For the hospitality maverick behind the hit Hotel Amour and several slick Parisian bars and restaurants, it’s in the up-and-coming…

Hotel Le Montana | Paris - New rooms

Sleep | November 3, 2015

Hotel Le Montana | Paris

A tall black slab tagged by a red neon sign, the Montana is slotted between two buildings of Saint Germain….

Hotel Providence Paris

Sleep | October 22, 2015

Hotel Providence | Paris

Originally built in 1854, Pierre Moussié (of Jeannette and Le Mansart fame)’s neo art deco chic 18-room boutique hotel is…

Les Bain Paris - Hotel feature replicas of Andy Warhol’s iconic orange sofa.

Sleep | August 25, 2015

Les Bains | Paris

Established as a luxury bathhouse frequented by the likes of Marcel Proust in 1885, Les Bains is better known as…

Sleep | August 25, 2015

L’Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

Nestled in a wild secluded garden in romantic Montmartre, it’s here that the world’s A-listers come to stay. The five…

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